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Rectangular panel of fine porcupine quillwork embroidery in floral designs in red, green and tan.

RCIN 84308.  Images:  Royal Collection Trust / © His Majesty King Charles III 2023.

Makak made by Betsy Simon (maker confirmed by paper label inside), RCIN 84308. 8.0 x 22.0 x 10.0 cm. This box is Wendat in style, and how it came to be associated with Betsy Simon is unknown.

Betsy Simon, aged 45, was listed on the 1861 census as widowed, unable to read or write, and living with her son in a log home.

Close up image of central flower on quillwork panel showing knots in quills used to produce textured effect on flower petals.
Side of rectangular quilled birch bark box with floral quillwork embroidery in pinks, greens, tan and cream.
detail of quillwork embroidery in leaf shapes in green and cream

Makak Betsy simon ga zhittod wgii kinwabdaan Wendat nake. Gaawiin kenjgaadesnoon gaazhitood ow Betsy Simon.

Gaawiin ge wiin Betsy Simon gii gidaasii ge zhibiigesii Wgisan gii wiijdaamgoon.

Makak fait par Betsy Simon (artisane identifiée par l’étiquette en papier à l’intérieur), RCIN 84308. 8 cm x 22 cm x 10 cm. Cette boîte est de style wendat, et on ne sait pas comment elle a été associée à Betsy Simon.

Betsy Simon, âgé de 45 ans, figure sur le recensement de 1861 comme veuve, incapable de lire ou d’écrire, et vivant avec son fils dans une maison en rondins.

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