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Mnaajtood ge Mnaadendaan:
Miigwewinan Michi Saagiig Kwewag Miinegoowin Gimaans Zhaganaash Aki 1860

red, blue and cream porcupine quillwork design

Detail, makak by Polly Soper, 1860, RCIN 84306. Image: Royal Collection Trust / © His Majesty King Charles III 2023.

To Honour and Respect: Gifts from the Michi Saagiig Women to the Prince of Wales, 1860

Honorer et Respecter: Dons des femmes Michi Saagiig au prince de Galles, 1860

In 1860, Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg women at Rice Lake Village in Ontario made beautiful birchbark baskets decorated with porcupine quillwork, as gifts for Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales, when he visited their community. In 2023, the baskets came home for a visit. This website tells the story of the baskets and their travels.

Iw pii 1860 Michi Saagiig Nishnaabe kwewag odii Minomin Gaamig engibaawaad wgii zhittonaawaa gowyitaajanan wii miinaawad Albert Edwardan Gchi Gimaa odii Wales enjibaad pii gaabi zhaad omaa. Mii dash 2023 niw gowyitaajanan gii bi matjiwewag minwaa. Iw yak website ezhinkaadeg mii imaa ge mkaamon eji gchi nendmaagemgak niw gowyitaajanan.

En 1860, les femmes Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg du village de Rice Lake, en Ontario, ont fabriqué de magnifiques paniers en écorce de bouleau décorés de piquants de porc-épic, comme cadeaux pour Albert Edward, le prince de Galles, lors de sa visite dans leur communauté. En 2023, les paniers sont rentrés chez nous pour une visite. Ce site Internet raconte l'histoire des paniers et de leurs voyages.

quilled birchbark baskets in cases in a circle and text panels on walls
people in the To Honour and Respect exhibition
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